Thursday, November 27, 2008

No theology tonight... just thanks

So now Drew's started a blog, I feel even more like a slacker for not keeping up with mine. In my defense, capstone is eating up all of my free time! A post is coming soon about that particular journey-- a new way of being creative to say the least! But tonight I keep having this image pop up in my head, for no reason that I can figure out...

There is this little shop along High Holborn that sells, among other assorted items, packaged ham-cheese croissants. A bit like the ones they sell in the Old Main Market at PLU these days. And if you've had those, you know they're nothing to write home about. Like the other convenience stores and off-licences scattered around London streets, it's tiny and crowded-- the entire store is probably the size of my bedroom, one long aisle packed with snacks.

I have no particularly fond memories of this rather nondescript shop. But tonight it's on my mind, and I find myself wanting to wander through Holborn, or hop a bus across the Waterloo Bridge, to listen to all the street musicians as I munch on my shrink-wrapped croissant sandwich.

I keep telling people that "I just got back." But I've been back in the States for over six months now! And still the images are so fresh in my mind, so clear, as if I really am just seeing them for the first time. So I suppose tonight I'm giving thanks for these vivid memories, for the fact that I don't have to forget just yet. And for the chance that I got to memorize the pathways and bridges of another city at all.

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