Monday, October 27, 2008

Why didn't I go HERE for my birthday?

So all I wanted to do for my birthday was get a drink and listen to some live music in Seattle. Preferably something cheap enough that my friends and I could all afford. Why didn't I hear about this place?

Q Cafe

Not only does it have affordable live music (if Nickel Creek plays there, then I'm encouraged about the flavor of their other artists!) BUT it's a coffee shop that's trying to change the world. 10% of their sales go to various charitable causes-- this month it's going to the Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center. (They also sell fair trade coffee, making Erika happy.) And another fun fact: they give a 50% discount for college students. That, my friends, is not a typo. Except during live shows, we can get food & drinks for HALF OFF.

Turns out Q Cafe is an outgrowth/ministry of Quest Church, an emergent-style church in Seattle. It's tucked away on a corner of the website, not being trumpeted to the world, and hopes to be "a separate non-profit/non-religious community cafe with the simple focus: "Be a Good Neighbor."

Chai lattes, good music, and social justice? Seems to me like a little slice of the Kingdom.

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